Twitter Friends :)

Hyeee :) Assalamualaikum and good evening everybody ^^ Whatcha doin' huh ?
Okay whatever . Today , 1st of November is the happiest day for me and BELIEBERS . You know why ? Justin Bieber's New Album #UNDERTHEMISTLETOE is now in stores and in ITUNES ! OhMyBieber <3  I wanna buy his New Album , but i scare that my parents won't allow me to buy it :(  Who wanna buy it for me ? tell me yeah :)

Okay second thing is , i wanna tell you that i have two Bestfriends in Twitter . You all wanna know them ? They are @biebercoterie ( Julieta ) and @Emily_1Dlover ( Saloni , my lil sista )

Guess what ? they are very GOOD to me , i do LOVE them . Wanna see their picture ? i know you all wanna see right ? Here it is ---->

This is Saloni

This is Julieta


Okay bye :) im sorry if i use BROKEN ENGLISH . I try my best to speaking so that Saloni and Julieta can understand what im talking about :)
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